Blog: Journey towards profitable CO2 based chemicals

The potential of the CCU technologies in mitigating the climate change

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Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies have an enormous potential in reducing the environmental impacts and mitigating the climate change, however applied alone, these technologies do not have the capacity to solve the climate crisis. From a climate change mitigation perspective, avoidance and reduction of the current emissions should be a priority, while simultaneously directing… Read More »

Electrofuels and P2Chemicals are emerging – How to renew the world’s oil refineries and petrochemical industry?

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We need electrofuels for reducing emissions from transport and P2Chemicals for cleaner products from the chemical industry. Both are produced with Power-to-X technology. However, someone must first create the needed technologies and build the production facilities. There are export opportunities for Finnish companies in electrofuels and chemical industry products and in process technologies. Joint Power-to-X… Read More »

Project manager Janne Kärki from VTT standing in between CO2

Biogenic CO2 captured for chemicals production

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Over 40 % of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from heat and power production.  These emissions can be reduced by shifting to renewable energy sources. For instance, by applying sustainable biomass for heat and power generation, near-zero-emissions are possible and even negative emissions could be reached via carbon capture and storage (BECCS) or carbon capture and utilization (BECCU).… Read More »

Innovations Make the World go Round: CCUS

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World is changing with a speed never seen before. Although the direction is set by the global issues and trends, the need of change is always addressed to the businesses and society. Furthermore to products and services we all use. This is the point where research and business face each other – creation of new.… Read More »