BECCU Final Workshop, 24.8.2022


10:00 Welcome and practicalities for the workshop (Heidi Saastamoinen, VTT)

10:05 Overview and outlook of the BECCU-project (Janne Kärki, VTT)

10:15 Work package results and company reflections

WP1 Feedstock integration

  • CO2 capture and supply for BECCU concept, Onni Linjala (VTT)
  • State of the art of water electrolyser technologies and hydrogen utilization possibilities in biogas boosting, Mikko Lappalainen (VTT)
  • Company reflection: Juha Luostarinen, Metener
  • Q&A

WP2 Hydrocarbons production

  • CO2 conversion to light olefins, Aki Braunschweiler (VTT)
  • Company reflection: Jukka Räsänen, Neste
  • Q&A

WP3 Polyol synthesis and polyurethanes

  • Epoxides from mixed light olefins, Sari Rautiainen (VTT)
  • Polyols, Tom Wirtanen (VTT)
  • Non-isocyanate polyurethanes, Tom Wirtanen (VTT)
  • Company reflection: Soilikki Kotanen, Kiilto
  • Q&A

12:00 Lunch-break (+ excursion to VTT Laboratories for live participants)

14:00 Work package results and company reflections continue

WP4 Business case evaluation

  • Techno-economic feasibility of producing polycarbonate polyols from CO2, Miia Nevander (VTT)
  • Environmental sustainability impacts of the CO2-based polycarbonate polyols, Vafa Järnefelt (VTT)
  • Company reflection: Jussi Uitto, Helen
  • Q&A

14:45 Discussions on BECCU impact and next steps

  • Company reflection on BECCU co-innovation: Hanna Kinnunen, Valmet
  • Snapshots of future project possibilities in BECCU themes, VTT
  • Companies’ views on future development needs and projects

15:30 Wrap-up of the event and next steps

KEROGREEN Winter School:
”Future directions in research on Power-to-X for sustainable chemicals & fuels”
10.-11.2.2022 (online)

KEROGREEN, together with the research projects E-Fuel and BECCU, and the EERA Joint Programme Energy Storage (EERA JPES), organizes an online winter school on 10-11 February 2022.

The event is focused on providing the latest developments on the Power-to-X related technologies and their future directions. Especially concepts aiming at ensuring sustainability will be pointed out. Following topics will be addressed:

  • CO2 capture
  • Electrolysis
  • Co-Electrolysis
  • Plasmolysis
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Fuel synthesis
  • System integration
  • System, process, reactor and kinetic modelling

Beside key note presentations and overview presentations of involved research projects, the winter school will give the opportunity to young researchers to present their research activities and results in either short talks or posters. Virtual visits of some of the research institutes are also planned in video sessions. The winter school will also include a special session dedicated to presentations from doctoral students from the EERA JPES network (EERA PhD day).

The EERA PhD day will offer PhD students from the EERA JPES SP2 the opportunity to present their PhD project and to receive feedback from other PhD students as well as from senior scientists from the same research environment. Furthermore, the best contribution will receive an official EERA award and funding for an open access publication or a conference participation. All submissions will be evaluated by a selected scientific board consisting of Esperanza Ruiz Martínez (CIEMAT), Peter Holtappels (DTU) and Adelbert Goede (DIFFER).


A preliminary agenda of the winter school can be downloaded here.


The winter school will be carried out online via zoom in the form of a webinar. It’s free of charge but a registration is mandatory. See registration form below.

The target audience of the event are doctoral students, post-docs and researchers in general, as well as private companies who want to learn more about the technologies and research methods and/or current research projects in the Power-to-X field.

Event registration can be found from KEROGREEN events webpage:

VTT’s presentations are now online:

BECCU-project workshop on 10th of February 2021

BECCU is cooperative project between VTT, Business Finland and stakeholders from various industries. Our target is to perform proof-of-concept for the integrated production of biopower & heat, specialty chemicals and transportation fuels based on utilization of CO2 from biomass operations and hydrogen from water electrolysis or industrial processes. Key stages of the concept will be demonstrated during the project with VTT’s versatile pilot infrastructure.

BECCU workshop agenda 13:00-15:30:

Introduction of the eventJonne Hirvonen /VTT13:00
BECCU overview and cost outlookJanne Kärki /VTT
Company reflectionRasmus Pinomaa /The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
CO2 capture and supplyOnni Linjala /VTT
Company reflectionJouko Putkonen /Kleener Power Solutions
Hydrogen supply for BECCU conceptsMikko Lappalainen /VTT
Conversion of CO2 to light olefinsAki Braunschweiler /VTT
Company reflectionAntti Pohjoranta /Neste
Polyols and end-productsJuha Lehtonen / VTT
Company reflectionSoilikki Kotanen /Kiilto
Market view on CO2 based polymersPauline Ruiz/Nova14:30
Discussion/Q+A – introJonne Hirvonen /VTT
Theme I: End-productsChair: Juha Lehtonen / VTT
Theme II: Processing technologiesChair: Matti Reinikainen / VTT
Theme III: Bio-CO2 capture and hydrogen supplyChair: Timo Leino / VTT
Discussion conclusionsTheme chairs
Event wrap-upJuha Lehtonen / VTT15:30

Presentation slides are now available online 

Working together is the key element of our BECCU project