BECCU news

17.6.2022: BECCU final workshop agenda and registration available

10.2.2021: BECCU midterm workshop organised and material available

3.3.2020: Press release in English and in Finnish about BECCU’s scope.

22.1.2020: Official kick-off of the BECCU consortium held today at VTT in Espoo

4.10.2019: VTT and Kiilto interviewed at Viiden Jälkeen show (clip starts at 4.30)


Summary of the project (10.10.2022): BECCU_final report – Executive summary

Presentation by Juha Lehtonen in 9th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers: BECCU_Cologne_24.3.2021

Webinar on electrolyser market outlook  and Green Hydrogen & Power-to-X projects: H2 and P2X webinar_3.9.2020

Presentation by Janne Kärki at IBC Board meeting: BECCU_IBC_1.9.2020

Presentation by Juha Lehtonen in 8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers: BECCU_Köln_25.3.2020

General presentation about the project: BECCU_shortly

Short presentation about the project in Finnish: BECCU_lyhyesti

Articles and other publications

19.10.2021: MSc Thesis by Sampsa Korpilo: Catalytic conversion of CO2 to light olefins

10/2021: Article in Ympäristö ja Terveys (6/2021): Hiilidioksidin talteenotto- ja hyötykäyttöteknologioiden potentiaali ilmastovaikutusten vähentämisessä.

08/2021: Article in Baltic Transport Journal 3-4/21: SUSTAINABILITY – One piece at a time. Renewing the world’s oil refineries and petrochemical industry with electrofuels and P2Chemicals

2.8.2021: Article in bioplastics MAGAZINE on feasibility of BECCU-polyols

28.6.2021: Article in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research: Continuous Liquid-Phase Epoxidation of Ethylene with Hydrogen Peroxide on a Titanium-Silicate Catalyst

15.3.2021: MSc Thesis by Miia Nevander: Process modelling and techno-economic evaluation of CO2-based polycarbonate polyols

8.3.2021: MSc Thesis by Onni Linjala: Review on post-combustion carbon capture technologies and capture of biogenic CO₂ using pilot-scale equipment

26.1.2021: Article on BECCU-polyols

23.3.2020: CCU article in Kemia-Kemi-magazine (in Finnish)