BECCU-project workshop on 10th of February 2021

BECCU is cooperative project between VTT, Business Finland and stakeholders from various industries. Our target is to perform proof-of-concept for the integrated production of biopower & heat, specialty chemicals and transportation fuels based on utilization of CO2 from biomass operations and hydrogen from water electrolysis or industrial processes. Key stages of the concept will be demonstrated during the project with VTT’s versatile pilot infrastructure.

BECCU workshop agenda 13:00-15:30:

Topic Presenter Time
Introduction of the event Jonne Hirvonen /VTT 13:00
BECCU overview and cost outlook Janne Kärki /VTT
Company reflection Rasmus Pinomaa /The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
CO2 capture and supply Onni Linjala /VTT
Company reflection Jouko Putkonen /Kleener Power Solutions
Hydrogen supply for BECCU concepts Mikko Lappalainen /VTT
Conversion of CO2 to light olefins Aki Braunschweiler /VTT
Company reflection Antti Pohjoranta /Neste
Polyols and end-products Juha Lehtonen / VTT
Company reflection Soilikki Kotanen /Kiilto
Market view on CO2 based polymers Pauline Ruiz/Nova 14:30
Discussion/Q+A – intro Jonne Hirvonen /VTT
Theme I: End-products Chair: Juha Lehtonen / VTT
Theme II: Processing technologies Chair: Matti Reinikainen / VTT
Theme III: Bio-CO2 capture and hydrogen supply Chair: Timo Leino / VTT
Discussion conclusions Theme chairs
Event wrap-up Juha Lehtonen / VTT 15:30


Presentation slides are now available online 

Working together is the key element of our BECCU project