BECCU is cooperative project between VTT, Business Finland and 13 stakeholders from various industries. Our target is to perform proof-of-concept for the integrated production of biopower & heat, transportation fuels and specialty chemicals based on utilization of CO2 ​from biomass operations and hydrogen from water electrolysis or ​industrial processes.​ All stages of the concept will be demonstrated during the project with VTT’s versatile pilot infrastructure.

We aim to create new business opportunities along the value chain proving ultimate novelty for producing fully CO2-based specialty chemicals such as polycarbonate and polyether polyols. Specialty chemicals from polyols are selected to be our prior target as they provide excellent market potential. Selected comparative P2X-concepts for CO2 utilization will also be evaluated (e.g. ash-treatment, SNG, methanol).

How do we reach these targets? Read more on our concept or contact us directly.